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How it works
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The PLUS of our Italian Penny Souvenir Machine


Made in Italy has only advantages!

Examples of designs

  1. Reliability: totally designed and produced in Italy to work with eurocents

  2. High quality: we use only first choice materials to assure good working along time

  3. Two years guarantee: for all mechanism, of the strongest and finest quality because aimed to work with hard coins (eurocents, not American cents, that it is known are softer)

  4. Finest shapes: the best Italian style for all the sections of the body

  5. Penny Souvenirs' design of superior quality: our designs do not fear the competition

  6. Highly suitable for children: the wheel is very attractive and it is not hard to turn

  7. No electricity required: the machine works manually

  8. Profits multiplied: the machine has 4 different designs

  9. No manutention: each component is strictly controlled and is guaranteed for a continuos working in perfect condition

  10. Innovation: nonstop studies to improve quality over time





For information: - Official website of Maecri Srl - Uboldo (VA) - Italy